Some Images from Everywhere

The images from Everywhere folder contains images by people who were not my students. They are people who I met as a photography colleagues or who are friends, family, or people who have found the Pinhole Project on the internet and decided to join.. In my last news post, some of my favorites over the years from the students at Bainbridge High School were featured. Granted they were all assigned to build a camera and do at least two images per semester. Most did many more. That is the main difference between this folder: and that one: here these people are volunteers and worked out of the kindness of their hearts and the love and the joy of making an image in a little metal tin.

I have learned so much from them. Some I chose because they were among the first to expose an image: Henry Glovinsky and my dear friend who has passed on, Constance Parriottl started the project off. Angela Prosper was among the first as well. Others made images in round cans, and also inside sometimes exposing for six months or more. Paul Heyn was the first to expose an image in his car. I thought he had hung his camera n a swimming pool at first. My nine year (at the time) niece, Malana Neuhauser is perhaps the youngest member of the Project. And Mitch and Lucy Kern are the only father/daughter team that I know of.. I love getting their cameras in the mail (from Canada) with a sweet note from Lucy every time. You can see many other images by these people on the website. Most of them have done more than one image. I am grateful for their participation. Next I will feature those people who have done more than 10 images and have earned a folder on this website titled with their names. Hope you enjoy these photographs. On a different day I would have picked different ones I am sure. There are so many great images!