A new two hole interior from Jess Tampa

Jess Tampa is a pinhole photographer who has been involved with the Pinhole Project since the beginning. She has seemingly narrowed down her images to interiors of her house in Oakland, California. Recently she came to visit and brought an old two hole camera that has been used by many people. She set this camera on the bookshelf at the end of the living room, unsecured and left it for about five months. Amazingly no one moved it or touched it during that time. She was surprised by the outcome because the curtains around the windows were closed most of the time the image was exposed. This is yet another example of unexplainable phenomena that happens with this type of photography. Why did the trees outside the windows show up so well?

If you look closely, you can see her white cat who laid on the same chair day in and day out. The other amazing thing that happened with this camera is how the floor swooped down and became the ceiling for the image on the bottom. Oh and did I mention the lights that hang around each window. how they showed up? Very cool. I show you this image in the hope that it will inspire you to expose a pinhole camera inside your house for up to six months or longer. You can see more of Jess’ pinholes on this site in her folder. Thanks for reading…..

Jesse Tampa 2 hole845.jpg